Friday, October 30, 2009

What's Your Favorite Halloween Treat?

Pretty much my FAVORITE candy of all time is Laffy Taffy. It's rare to get it while trick or treating, but my mom gets the Laffy Taffy sticks to give out every year! I have already had plenty this Halloween season, but I can't wait to go home this weekend and stuff my face with some more chewy deliciousness! Strawberry and grape flavored please!
Least Favorite? CANDY CORN (and the candy corn pumpkins)! I'm sorry, but it's just gross! A totally disappointing treat.
Have a great Halloween everyone!


  1. i love dots!!
    my least favorite is probably a tie between candy corn and those nasty taffy type looking things wrapped in black or orange wax paper. they are not taffy, just have the same texture. so gross!!!
    have a great weekend luv! ;)

  2. Anything chocolate! I had a Twix today, and that hit the spot.

  3. I have three - peanut butter M&Ms, Milky Way Midnights and Jr Mints. All slightly rare, all treasured in my Halloween pillow case.

  4. Ohhhhhh, I love Laffy Taffy! I've been go to town on some Almond Joys that late few days. : )

  5. I loooved laffy taffy as a kid. It was the best! :) Today I'm loving Skors bars! :))