Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Good Golly Princess Lolly!

I prefer my generation's version of the game above. The characters are too modern looking now, some things are just better left alone.

Who didn't love Candyland growing up? If you disagree with that statement, then something is seriously wrong with you because, hands down, it is one of the most fantastic games ever created. Just the idea of a land made of candy was enough to make me pass out with excitement.

For the game's 60th anniversary this past August, Lombard Street in San Francisco was transformed into a Candyland board. If I were 6, I would have been on the first flight down. Could that sound any more fun?

At my house we had the interactive Candyland that came with a cartoon VHS, which you played along with the game. I am still upset that my mother taped over it, the 2005 version of Candyland: Great Lollipop Adventure is just not the same. Although, apparently Universal and Hasbro made a deal and we might see a feature film based on the game! I can hardly contain my excitement!

images: sfappeal, sflist

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  1. Totally LOVED Candyland growing up too! You should bring your game up so we can do another game night, like Dreamphone!