Tuesday, October 27, 2009

You Da Man Walt

Well, Disneyland was absolutely magical, as expected! No matter how many times I go there, I am blown away by how well they execute every single detail. The imagination it took to build that place is seriously amazing. We were in California for exactly 48 hours and 24 were spent at Disneyland/California Adventures. By the end I was deliriously tired, my feet were killing me, and I had probably gained 10 pounds from all the food, but we had SUCH a fantastic time! It was a beautiful and sunny 80 degrees both days and we went on every ride (some twice) except for 2 (we only skipped them because they were boring ones) and saw just about every show possible. We were just as excited and giddy as all the 6 year-olds there, literally running through the park with excitement! Disney was decked out in Halloween decor everywhere and it looked awesome! It wasn't too crowded either, on the first day we walked right up to splash mountain with NO LINE! Anyway, I could go on forever....it was just a perfect way to spend the weekend and such a fun group to be with! I can't wait to go back again!
Unfortunately my pictures aren't great, my friend Katy took the better ones. But here are a few.

Princess hats for everyone!

Plan of attack

The entrance dressed up for Halloween


The Disneyland band

Meghan & Scott dancing to the band

What a good sport. I made him try on everything!

This is for you Carol!

Disneyland, it's been real. See you next time!


  1. So Cute! I'm glad you guys had such a wonderful time!

  2. Isn't it REALLY the happiest place on earth?!
    I love it there. So glad you guys had such a great time... the pictures were so stinkin' cute!!

  3. What a fun trip! I so wish I could get to one of the Disney parks around Halloween. I have definitely heard their decorations are out of this world! :)

  4. Oh my gosh I love MY picture! haha! Too cute! Love all the pictures!

  5. Yay it's Mickey!! I like to consider myself the (self appointed) queen of Disney! I know every movie/song by heart

  6. looks like SoOoOoO much FUN!!!
    i can not wait to hopefully go there some day!!

  7. I've never been to Disneyland but I loooooove Disney World and go every year. It's so much for for us big kids too!

  8. Great pics-love that ya'll posed and had fun with them! Looks like such a blast! :) Disneyland is definitely a magical place... I want to try Disneyworld, too, sometime!! :)

  9. awe! How fun! I love Dineyland it's impossible not to have a great time there and eat expensive junk food, right?! :)

  10. my sister just got back from tokyo disney and they visited every gift shops b/c my nephew refused to leave without grabbing something. i can't get on the teacup at all, only if i want to see me turn green.

  11. I want to go there right now! Looks like you had a blast!

  12. Love these pictures!!! I so want to go there!!! :) Glad to see you had a ton of fun!