Monday, October 5, 2009

Greek Week(end)

Traditional Greek Dancing

Every year my family saves the date for the Tacoma Greek Festival, put on by St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church. We have done this for at least the last 7 years, if not longer, and every year is just as fun as the next. There's traditional Greek dancing, a bakery, and other fun things, but most importantly huge amounts of delicious Greek food! Of course, the one thing that I look most forward to is a dessert that I have only been able to find at this Greek Festival called Kataifi Ekmek. After researching it a little more, I found out that it is actually a Turkish dessert that is very popular in Greece. Anyway, it's basically a layer of finely shredded pastry dough, vanilla custard, and whip cream, served cold. They run out of this dessert almost every year, but I figured that by going to the festival early, I would be assured a piece of this deliciousness. Well, I figured wrong because they were already sold out! I just about cried! Because I didn't get my fix, I just may have to attempt to make it myself one of these days.

Kataifi Ekmek


  1. Next time I expect you to bring me a gyro back! I know you said they don't have them, but I expect you to find one for me!

  2. Haha...just wanted to say "ekmek" is Turkish and means bread, so why is that festival called that way?! And then I read on and least my language skills are still okay. By the way, the dessert is super sweet!!! Hope you get to enjoy it one day!